European Small Theatre Forms Festival of Disabled Persons- “Therapy by laughter”

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With a great joy and emotion we would like to inform that the 6th European Small Theatre Forms Festival of Disabled Persons- “Therapy by laughter” will take place !

We will meet on 19th September 2008 in Solec Kujawski, which is a friendly and cheerful town situated between Toruń and Bydgoszcz.

We would like to invite to take part those who have visited us earlier and -we hope that thinking about our Festival, they are preparing another performance. However, we also hope to meet so far unknown amateur- artists from the Occupational Therapy Workshops, the Community Self-help Houses, schools and special needs centres from all the country. 

European Small Theatre Forms Festival of Disabled Persons- “Therapy by laughter”

…is the parade of theatre and stage forms of disabled persons who by having fun and being excited about their performance- make smile others and give them unusual experience– positive vibrations.

…it is also the meeting of carers, therapists and volunteers who take care of disabled persons and look for modern rehabilitation methods. The workshops of “Therapy by laughter” are led by professionals, who without any doubts, show how humour, joke and play can help to reach people who are scared and confused by their infirmity, even often unaware one. Participants of the workshops receive certificates confirming their taking part.

TO TAKE PART IN THE 6th Therapy by laughter”…

…it is necessary to send a filled and confirmed institutionally Application Form till 23rd August 2008. It is better to hurry up, because in the case of big interests, the list of guests can be closed earlier ! The Application Form can be downloaded from our website. [here]. You can also find there detailed regulations of our Festival and there are also memories from previous ESTFFoDP.

The groups arrive at their delegating institution’s expense. We provide delicious meals and a kind help during the Festival, and the performances of stars of Polish cabaret stage. Our Disabled Guests are welcomed, applauded and awarded with “The Golden Barrels of Laughter” and other “labels” and diplomas. We can also help to find an accommodation in Solec Kujawski or near the town. The performances should prove a therapeutic power of laughter and they should not last longer than 25 minutes. We reserve the right of choice of proposed performances and their order. Admitted forms will be informed immediately by phone.  

Notice !

The contest which has never taken place so far !

[ somehow, it has…but we are stubborn ! ]


We are looking for the craziest, the most unique, contagious laughter !

Record your laughter- send with the Application Form [also till 23rd August 2008] on our “Bank of Laughter account”. If our experts ( the Sourpusses Jury”) will cry with laughter – you really have a chance to receive an award on 19th September in Solec Kujawski in The Soleckie Centrum Kultury (the Solec Culture Centre) during….

The 6th European Small Theatre Forms Festival of Disabled Persons- “Therapy by laughter”

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is not a joke but the serious contest in an unserious atmosphere but with serious awards. Record an authentic laughter of your Charge on any carrier ( CD, DVD or an audio tape) and attach a card with the following data : a name and surname of a laughing person, his/ her age, a name of your institution and town/ city.

All records will be heard by the Jury and 5 guffaw- laughters will be qualify for the final on 19th September. During the final the chosen persons will have to present their laughter alive without tickling. The audience will decide who should receive awards.

We hope that in a few years our “Bank of Laughter” will have thousands of guffaw-laughters and laughter will rule not only in Europe !!!

Notice !

Don’t forget to bring “Śmiechuś’2008” a mascot of Your Group, specially made for the Festival. It is also, another crazy……


During the Festival the Jury will choose the most suitable mascot to our meeting. It should be the most smiling, relaxed and ……the happiest one. Awards are waiting for the most unusual Śmiechuś and for Your Credo, which should be written in the Application Form.

We are waiting for You in Solec Kujawski

I am sure that this time our Festival will be even funnier and friendlier.

Meet us even for a while and share with us your smile.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail or a traditional mail. We will explain all doubts, send additional materials and information, we will also establish conditions of Your participation.

We are kindly inviting

Best regards,

 The author of the idea- The Director of The Soleckie Centrum Kultury (the Solec Culture Centre) Regina Osińska

mobile phone (0) 604234212 (any time)


Director- Regina Osińska

phone: 052 387 9810

fax. 052 387 9811

e-mail :

The Soleckie Centrum Kultury (the Solec Culture Centre) is fully prepared to welcome persons on wheelchairs ( a ramp, a lift, wc…).